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From current college and medical students at Saint Louis University and Saint Louis University School of Medicine

We provide you with critical feedback to elevate your personal statements from current college and medical students.

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Your story matters. We want to help you best present your story. Minus the cost.

Your story truly matters. We want to help you best present your story.

Minus the cost.

Resubmit drafts as many times as you'd like until you are satisfied. Our service is FREE! Now and always.

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NOTE: Personal statements intended for medical schools currently experience longer wait times.

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Writing(s) Edited
60 SLU School of Medicine Students
31 SLU Undergraduate Students
~3 SLU Law School Students

Yes, truly 100% free! Our editors work around the clock to make sure you get the most accurate feedback possible.

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What are submitters saying?

Your story matters to us. Listen to what others have to say about us. Leaving feedback allows us to better improve our program for future students like you.

"I think the service was very prompt and helpful. I enjoyed the fact that aside from editing for grammar and flow I was given feedback on subject matter as well as how I could further strengthen my point. It felt more personal and like the editor actually put in thought into their editing versus just editing to get it over with and increase the turnover. "

Guadalupe Gonzalez
Medical School Applicant

"Just wanted to say thank you so much for the effort you are putting into this. Especially as an international student this website has been a HUGE benefit to me in proofreading my essays. The feedback was great. A big thanks to Avyay Surampalli as I can see a clear difference in how much better my essay is now. "

Anonymous   Verified
College Applicant

"I appreciate receiving feedback that helped me really think about how I can show and not just tell in statement. I have taken their advice into consideration. While I don’t have the time to resubmit any new drafts, I would once again like to say thanks for the feedback."

Anonymous   Verified
Medical School Applicant

"The service was amazingly thoughtful, thorough and specific. Their tips certainly improved my writing for the better. I’m really impressed with the suggestions made to my personal essay and their ideas on how to improve it! Most editors criticize, Caroline did not criticize, she made helpful suggestions and showed examples and provided solutions. I am more than grateful for this amazing free service! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

F. Ocasio
Medical School Applicant

"There were quite a few underlying issues within my essays that I did not grasp initially, but he [Areeb] was able to spot them and explain how to address them. Communication with him has been excellent and he responds to emails quickly and is very punctual when it comes to making edits in a timely manner."

Anonymous   Verified
College Applicant

"The service is so easy to use and gets you very useful feedback. The only thing is to advertise it more. I know so many people who would have done this if they had known about it."

Lucy Seay
Medical School Applicant

"I was worrying about my editing supplementary essays but with Avyay's help I could finish my reach college applications. I also want to say thank you to Ali who helped me to edit my supplementary essays."

Jiheon Kang
College Applicant

"Just coming back here to say thank you guys so much for the great service. I literally paid $135 for an editor who gave me only grammar edits. I had Dana using this service and she really went through my stuff thoroughly and was awesome! I'll definitely be recommending you guys! I really can't believe this service is free I'd even pay."

Anonymous   Verified
College Applicant

"My feedback was insanely helpful. Girija helped me add another patient experience as well as solidify my concluding paragraph! The flow of my essay overall makes more sense and I'm super happy with it!"

Medical School Applicant

"Mark was super helpful and thorough with his edits! I appreciated the compliments and constructive criticism and I look forward to creating a second draft. The comments left me teary eyed! I was really nervous about submitting my first draft but I'm glad I did. He gave me really great ideas and I felt inspired after reading all of the comments he left on my draft. The turnaround time was also fairly quick!"

Jacky Vargas
Medical School Applicant

"Thank you very much for the service provided ! You are truly amazing and I cannot thank you enough for the work you did. The service was amazing and I am extremely grateful for your work Humza. Thank you for giving up your free time for helping people like me who definitely need the support. Keep up the good work."

Anonymous   Verified
College Applicant

"The feedback I received from Ryan Rossi was great. It really seems like he thoroughly read my PS and was thoughtful about the feedback. Great service."

Sam Restrepo
Medical School Applicant

"I am blown away!! WOW!! Thank you, Ryan! I feel Ryan cared for my essay so deeply in his feedback. I felt his feedback was in a state of being present and truly in my writing. WOW! Ryan, I am so deeply appreciative!!"

Carol C
Medical School Applicant

"I heard back from Qalam within a few days even though I reached out during the holidays. My editor, Terry really helped with transforming my essay. Her feedback was super helpful, and I used all of it for my essays. Highly recommend Qalam to all medical school applicants!"

Anonymous   Verified
Medical School Applicant

"So easy, and so much more helpful. Dani left comments that helped me clarify my essay. She fixed grammar mistakes (more than Grammarly) read through my entire essay closely, and scrutinized it to make sure it was well written. Not only this she added recommendations based on what admission counselors were looking for. "

Maya Milewski
Medical School Applicant

...and much more!

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What do students say about us?

Your story matters to us. Listen to what others have to say about us. Leaving feedback allows us to better improve our program for future students like you.

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